Have you ever been sawed in half? – Kelly Oliver

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Have you ever been sawed in half?


Have you ever been sawed in half?

…I have.

 When I was in grad school, I dated a guy who would dress me up in skimpy outfits, lock me in handcuffs, and put me in a box.

No, not like that!

He was a magician and I was his assistant.

My kitten, Merlin, was his magic rabbit. He would pull Merlin from a hat to the oooohs and awwws of old ladies in nursing homes and children at birthday parties.

For bigger occasions, we'd do a Houdini trick where I'd chain him up, put a bag over his head, and guide him into a giant wooden box. Then, eerie music and smoke would conceal his exit through a trap door in the box.  To the delight of the audience, he would run out from behind the curtain and open the box, where I'd taken his place, panting from exertion, mascara stinging my eyes.

Once, during halftime at a college football game, he made a live tiger disappear.

Luckily for me, we’d broken up by then.

Now, I can't even remember his name. I often wonder if he’s a famous magician on a big stage in Vegas.

 His disappearing act inspired my novel JACKAL, where Jessica James is sent on a mission by her mother to find the Mesmerizer, a washed up magician living in Vegas.