Kassy O'Roarke, Cub Reporter (Pet Detective Mysteries, book 1) paperba – Kelly Oliver

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Kassy O'Roarke, Cub Reporter (Pet Detective Mysteries, book 1) paperback or e-book

Kassy O'Roarke, Cub Reporter (Pet Detective Mysteries, book 1) paperback or e-book

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Middle Grade Mystery at its Best!

Winner of a Reader's Choice Award for Best Children's Mystery

If Nancy Drew had a pesky little brother and lived in a petting zoo...

Twelve-year-old Kassy O’Roarke wants to win the Thompson prize at her school newspaper. Her pesky little brother Percy and his key-stealing ferret try to help . . . and that’s when the trouble begins.

When Apollo the cougar cub goes missing from their family’s petting zoo, Kassy puts her detective skills to the test to find him before Animal Control does. Can Kassy outsmart the dogcatcher and rescue Apollo before being grounded for life?

Join Kassy’s fun-filled adventure cracking riddles, detecting clues, and solving a whole zoo of animal trouble, as she learns it’s not what you have, but what you give that matters.


“A juicy middle grade mystery in which a young investigator learns that it’s okay to be vulnerable.” —Foreword Reviews

“Perfect for early middle schoolers, who will easily identity with Kassy. Strong sense of middle-school humor!”—BlueInk Review

“Likely to entertain both animal and mystery lovers of all ages. It’s most highly recommended. Five-star review!” —Reader’s Favorite 

“A whole lot of fun—and delivers in every way an adventure story should! A heartwarming world populated with believable characters who feel like people you know.” —Sarah Scheele, Reader’s Favorite

“For everyone who’s into adventure, mystery, and a whole bunch of Middle-Grade fun, this first in series does the trick! Beware, you won’t want to set this book down anytime soon.”Chanticleer Reviews

“A purely enjoyable adventure filled with memorable characters, an endearing protagonist, and a lot of heart. Any reader will find much to enjoy here as well as a foundation for many books to come.”—The US Review of Books

“Kassy O’Roarke is a modern day Nancy Drew. I love Kassy. The themes of loyalty and friendship are strong…making this the perfect middle grade novel. I adore this book and cannot wait to purchase it for my students. They are going to love it!” —Librarian_Fitz Bookstagrammer

"A magnificent middle-grade story that will captivate readers with an exciting plot, relatable narrator, plenty of laughs, and a sprinkling of lessons. I loved this character and this book — so will you and your kids." BookTrib Reviews

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